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Four times per semester, we invite smaller groups (up to 12 participants) of international students to an open exchange about their studying and living in Munich. The background of this new kind of activity is the LMU’s dedication to internationalization in higher education in accordance with the "National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students". The code seeks to foster the integration of international students into their German academic institutions and to contribute to their general welfare in the everyday German life and workplace.

Through these series, the participants have the chance to talk about their studies and life in Munich, to exchange experiences about their relationships with German students and to share impressions and emotions about matters they consider important. In an effort to foster intercultural dialogue, German students are invited to particular meetings.

A representative of the Intercultural Counseling Center is in charge of organizing and moderating the discussion series. In the beginning, this person poses a few initial questions or points, such as, "Becoming friends with Germans: a challenging prospect", and then opens up the floor to participants. From past experience, we know that international students very much appreciate this open format.

For certain topics we invite "experts" to attend, either German students with substantial international experience or international students in advanced semesters.

At the beginning of each semester, discussion series dates are posted on our homepage. To register, please call or send us an email.


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