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Follow-Up-Workshop: Intercultural Communication Skills

For Students of Biology


Date: 10.03.2017, 10-17
Registration: Dr. Philomena Bodensteiner:
Place: Biozentrum Martinsried, Room C00.013

In this interactive follow-up-workshop to the previous basic intercultural workshop at LMU, you will have the opportunity to discuss current topics and deepen your knowledge and skills of intercultural communication. You will get to know various perspectives, work out solutions for your specific intercultural challenges - individually as well as jointly as a team.

As you have heard in the previous intercultural workshop, not every problem international students encounter must always be a function of “culture” – a lot can depend on individual or situational circumstances. We will focus on this key aspect and get a better understanding of which problems are due to cultural differences and which are not
Exchange your experiences „made in Germany“ by working together in multicultural-teams during the workshop
Get professional support in decoding the critical and mistakable critical situations you may have encountered during your stay in Germany
On the basis of „solution focused skill development“ you will acquire a better understanding of these critical situations and be able to deal competently with unforeseen situations in the future

Making oneself aware of this process will facilitate your communication and co-operation not only in studying context, but also in business context.


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