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Living and Studying in Germany

Intercultural workshop for Iranian students in Munich

16.04.2016 at 10:00 

The workshop has been cancelled!

WHAT: Intercultural workshop für Iranian students in Munich in cooperation with ViPASD e.V. (Verein iranischer Professoren, Akademiker und Studierender in Deutschland).

WHEN: Saturday, April 16th, 2016;  10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

WHERE: Amalienstr. 52 (LMU main campus, Historicum), Room K202 (2nd floor, old building part)

FEES: none

INSTRUCTORS: Nina Müller, Naina Narke (both M.A. Intercultural Communications)

LANGUAGE: Englisch


The workshop is designed to support international students in university and everyday life in the new cultural environment in Germany. A certificate of attendance will be granted, which may also be used for future job applications or similar.

Studying in a country different than one's own always means a change to a new cultural environment. Many of the familiar things one has been accustomed to are missing: questions like "How should I address my professor?", "What is the proper conduct in an office hour?", or "How do I make friends with German students?" are just a few examples of the many issues international students face. The workshop will deal with the intricacies of German university culture like teaching and learning styles, interaction with professors and fellow students. It will also inform about the basic features of German everyday life.

Furthermore we will talk about culture shock: the relocation to a new international environment is usually marked with excitement and euphoria in the first weeks, but then confusion and anxiety may occur. The concept of culture shock is very useful for understanding what is happening around and within oneself when living and studying in a foreign setting. We will also discuss ways to help participants to anticipate and detect misunderstandings in their interactions with Germans.

As students share their studies with colleagues of many different nationalities we will also discuss about the chances and challenges of studying and working in multicultural teams.

The workshop will not be a theoretical lecture! It will be interactive, allowing participants to practice their newly acquired cultural knowledge and skills. Practical exercises will intensify the transfer of intercultural knowledge. The participants will be able to share their personal experience, ask any question and benefit from each as a group.

For registration please contact ViPASD e.V., Nuschin Rawanmehr until April 8th, 2016 the latest:


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