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Ne-am înţeles ?“ Romanian and German Communication Styles Compared

Intercultural Workshop for Romanian and German students/PhD Students


WHEN: November 24th,  10:00 - 14:00

WHERE: LMU München, Amalienstraße 52, Raum 001

WHO can come: 20 students from LMU Munich

COSTS: No participation fee


TRAINER: Sevghin Mayr, Mirjam Rossa


AND: Digital handout, certificate of attendence (if desired)

WHAT: Studying in a new country tends to go along with living an a new culture.
Suddendly the most obvious things might become unclear. This affects most of all differences in communication. You might start wondering...

„How do I contact or talk to the professor?”

„What behavior is expected during seminar/lecture?“

„How do I manage criticizm? Am I supposed to criticize, too and how?“

„ Are there differences in nonverbal communication (gestures, mimics)?”

„What are the differences between communication in the private context and communication in the public/professional context?"

Those are only party of the questions we are going to talk about during this 4-hour workshop. A Romanian and a German intercultural trainer will lead the discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to test their new knowledge through talking part in a role play. At the end we will work out strategies on how intercultural misunderstandings could be identified and avoided.


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